“Time is precious, waste it wisely”

This saying is so true when it comes to vacations. Our vacation time is precious! How we spend our time really matters, and making memories on a journey, for leisure or a milestone is what you will value for years to come.

I was born with the travel bug…by the time I was 19 years old, I was on my own travelling parts of Asia. Fortunately, I ended up with a career in retail merchandising and marketing that involved extensive travel throughout Europe and the Americas. I knew at that point travel was going to be an integral part of my life beyond this career.

Fast forward to now, and many more journeys, personal and business, I knew I wanted to use my skills in planning to help others spend their precious vacation time wisely and create lifelong memories to cherish and reminisce.

Travel is different now and will continue to change. No one has all the answers, but as a travel advisor, my promise to you is that I will find the answers for you. I love to learn, and so I invest endless hours in continuing education to keep up to date with the latest in industry and supplier training. I am passionate about helping people travel safely and ethically, no matter what the bucket list is.

You can click a few buttons online and think you have saved money and time, but for anyone that has planned and booked a trip knows the hours spent on researching all the details. Ultimately, you want the destination to give you the best experience safely, which is priceless.

This is where I come in! As a TICO certified travel planner, I’m ready customize your next vacation the way you want it. I have access to industry-leading travel suppliers and specialists in destinations around the world. When you book your trip with me, my travel planning services ensure your trip will be tailored to your travel style and budget. You will get the most out of your trip, save time, and avoid stress.

The most rewarding part about this work is helping people achieve their travel dreams. I would love to assist you in planning an experience of a lifetime